What is IIFYM or Flexible Dieting

IIFYM or Flexible Dieting What is it?!?!

So your bro posted some pictures of him eating poptarts after his workout and your like, whoa man what is wrong with you! And he’s like dude it fits my macros. What exactly is If it Fits your Macros, We’ll explain that coming up….

Hey everyone and welcome back to Jacked Fitness, Austin Ford here and today I am going to be explaining to you what exactly is IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS.

But first before I tell you what IIFYM is you need to know what Macros are! Macros, short for macronutrients, which are substances needed for growth, metabolism, and energy. They are the major nutritional components of the diet which includes protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Simple right?

So what exactly is If it Fits your Macros?

Well… IIFYM, or flexible dieting, is a method of dieting that revolves around meeting daily macro intake targets based on your goals. It is not based on what types of foods you eat to get there.

So essentially all it is  you plan, track (by grams) and consume your daily allotted goals for protein, fats, and carbohydrate. And it doesn’t matter if you get there by eating “Clean Foods” or pizza and ice cream. As long as it fits your macros and you don’t go over your target macros. However I strongly suggest you eat 80% macronutrient dense “good” foods and fill in the remaining 20% with your favorite treats. I call this the 80/20 rule.

And you want to know something else…..

counting macros is superior to counting just calories. It allows you to focus on improving body composition, not simply dropping or gaining weight.

For example, my goal right now is to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle mass as much as possible during the process. My current macro breakdown is 100 grams of carbs, 185 grams of protein, and 65 grams of fat. I try to hit these numbers the best I can every day right on the dot to remain consistent, which makes it easier to adjust my macro-nutrient targets at the end of the week when hitting a fat loss plateau.

Planning your meals, using a food scale, and tracking macros with MyFitnessPal is the easiest way to ensure you hit your macro targets.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video, If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them below and I will be glad to answer your questions!

How To Set Up MyFitnessPal for IIFYM

Learn how to set up your MyFitnessPal app for IIFYM or Flexible Dieting. MyFitnessPal is by far the best app to use for tracking all your macro-nutrient needs and I highly recommend it to all my peers!

Topics Covered:

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  • How To Set your Protiens, Fats, Carbs, Fiber, and Sugars in grams.
  • How to Set Custom Daily Goals for Carb Cycling
  • How To optimize myfitnesspal for a User Friendly Experience


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